NFT Projects

The Knights of Degen are 8,888 NFT degenerate gamblers that live their truest and darkest lives, free from oppression, and spend their days in the Degen Sports Bars watching and wagering on all sporting events.

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Claylings is a 4,040 edition generative art project, which draws its aesthetic from the likes of Chicken Run, Wallace & Grommit or Neverhood, calling back to '90s nostalgia.



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Cryptock is the first luxury NFT watch collection and society that spans both the physical world and metaverse. With 2400 Cryptocks, your ownership includes a unique verifiable NFT that encompasses social currency and scarcity, but also has real life utility, access, and exclusive benefits to members.



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GOATz are the 1st ever deflationary PFP NFT that enables owners to customize their NFTS through a process called The Forge. The total supply of GOATz is always decreasing and the art is always being enhanced. They are ERC-721 Tokens and exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning a GOAT is not just about having a personalized avatar, it's also about gaining access to a vibrant, successful, and generous community



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